At n°9 Montenapoleone Street, in the heart of the fashion district, there is Pasticceria Marchesi, one of the oldest and most refined pastry shops in Milan. This pastry shop has its roots in 1824 and since the 1930s it has been offering delicious savory creations at aperitif time, such as magnificent tartlets and tasty cream puffs. If you are at Marchesi Pastry, you cannot miss the Marchesi Cocktail, in which bitter and sweet flavors are combined with floral notes. This location offers a refined dining experience in a private setting, in the lively Montenapoleone. A quiet atmosphere is given by the green color that floods the enveloping armchairs and walls and by the dark marble floor that takes on the color of the tables, within a design that continues to preserve from the first openings.