A fish catering institution in Milan is Langosteria restaurant. If you are in Milan, you can never miss a lunch or a dinner here. This restaurant was founded 15 years ago, in n.10 Savona Street. It has always celebrated the value of refinement and focuses attention on the smallest details, offering Mediterranean fish dishes and seeking the perfect combination of international flavor and contemporary dining. In this place, you will be welcomed by soft lights and sweet background music. Here, you can watch the chef while creating special dishes, arousing culinary emotions. The Langosteria is configured as the ideal place for any type of meeting, thanks to its numerous divisions, such as Langosteria Cucina, with a complete and varied à la carte menu that alternates classic with innovative dishes in an environment that evokes the nostalgic 70s, the Langosteria Bistrot and finally the Langosteria Caffè.