The Emporio Armani Restaurant, whose name recalls grandeur and refinement, is the ideal restaurant for an Italian lunch or dinner. Located at n°2 Giardini Street, in the heart of the fashion district, this restaurant is ready to satisfy your every need. Open for both lunch and dinner, it is located on the first floor of the building, at the entrance to which there is a champagne bar. On the ground floor there is a lounge area, especially dedicated to those who are passing through but want to experience the pleasures of fine cuisine whilst admiring the luxurious stroll of “Milano bene”. Characterised by soft lighting and a modern design, oriented to create an intimate and reserved environment, the Emporio Armani restaurant will alternate the possibility of going wild at the rhythm of DJ sets or that of totally relaxed dining, still creating unique and unforgettable moments. The executive chef, Ferdinando Palomba, who has a highly sought-after career in the restaurant business, will create your dishes with care and dedication. After having meticulously selected the best raw ingredients, trying to offer the best of his creations, alternating meat and fish specialties and mixing flavors of north and south, he will prepare unique dishes, synthesis of simple but refined combinations, managing to filter the best of Italian cuisine.